Capsules and sachets

ProRelax is an innovative dietary supplement in a form of capsules and sachets containing five natural plant extracts:

Passion flower, Valerian, Melissa, Lavender and Saffron.

ProRelax is a natural support of the body in nervous tension and irritation. Optimally selected ingredients facilitate the relaxation and emotional balance regaining. ProRelax also contributes to proper nervous system function and calm sleeping.

Two products for two applications:
  • ProRelax XL – start the day relaxed. ProRelax XL  supports body in prolonged stress, can help calm and to manage stress, irritability and nervousness. ProRelax XL can promote relaxation, serenity and balance.
  • ProRelax Direct – in case of sudden stressful situation, any time without liquid. Thanks to its specific composition of high-quality, sufficiently dosed plant extracts, ProRelax Direct can improve well-being. It can be taken during sudden or imminent emotional stress or stressful situations.