Foam preparation for skin prone to keratosis and psoriatic changes

USP’s qualities
  • high activity resulting from the rapid increase in the concentration of active ingredients at the place of application
  • the efficacy and safety of this preparation has been confirmed by both in vivo and in vitro dermatological tests:
    85% reduction in skin peeling and hardening
    81% prevention of recurrence of skin peeling and hardening
    89% regulation of the correct keratinisation process
    96% pruritus reduction
    89% smoother skin
    93% healthy skin growth
    86% improved skin elasticity
  • the preparation is a foam, which makes it easy to apply it on hairy skin, including the head
  • the efficacy of the composition in supporting the treatment of psoriatic skin has been confirmed in research publications
  • the preparation does not contain: fragrances, artificial colouring, alcohol, parabens,
    PEG, PPG, silicones, SLS, and SLES.