Azepic RED

Foam preparation for atopic skin in the acute phase of atopic dermatitis


In combination with the intensely evaporating excipients, the foam formula allows for a fast concentration of the active ingredients in the place of application, which, combined with their unique biological qualities, makes for a multi-directional beneficial effect, resulting in improved skin appearance and condition.

How Azepic RED* works:

  • it counteracts the causes of skin hypersensitivity, especially the neurogenic processes
  • it reduces nerve fibre hyperactivity in the skin and regulates the biological processes responsible for the allergic reaction
  • it intensely moisturises the skin and prevents loss of water from the deeper skin layers
  • it enhances the protective barrier in sensitive and atopic skin
  • it has a soothing and relaxing effect, while at the same time permanently improving skin resistance and tolerance to stressors
  • it supports the regeneration of the natural hydrolipidic layer in irritated and coarse skin
  • it supplements the ingredients that form the skin’s natural protective barrier
  • it protects the skin from external factors
    * Tests conducted by an independent research institute