Thixotropic throat spray


  • Viral infections including rhinoviruses and corona-viruses
  • Bacterial infections
  • Tonsillitis


Larytix (30ml, 425 doses) is a preparation of thixotropic properties (thixotropy) in the form of water-oil emulsion. Due to influence of  shear stress during administration the viscosity of the preparation used increases adhesion to the mucosa and prolongs contact with the active substances. It also enhances preparation resistance to be removed with saliva.

Larytix ingredients exhibit powerful anti-viral properties, with potential application in a range of therapeutic settings.

Research demonstrates that the ingredients:
• can prevent infection by blocking the entry of viruses into cells;
• inhibit the adhesion of viruses to host cells;
• inhibit the adhesion of pathogenic bacteria to the surface of the throat mucosa.